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Autoclave Pouch, Self-Seal

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   Three separate heat sealed rails secure edges from separation
or tearing by instruments.  Seals are heated and cooled three
times for ultimate strength. 
   Medical grade paper meets or exceeds medical pouch standards.
   Blue tinted transparent film facilitates both easy instrument viewing
and identification of punctures or tears in film.
   Wide self-seal adhesive strip easily and securely seals pouch.
   Consistantly clean paper-film separation (peeling) .
   Thumb notch assures easy opening of pouch.
   Six corner tack seals prevents corners from curling after sterilization
and resists collection of dust and contaminants near seal.
   Process indicator arrows change color with sterilization heat, are
easily visible and are compatible with steam and EtO sterilization agents.

3.5"x9" (9x23cm)
Price: $8.95
5.25"x10" (13x25cm)
Price: $14.45

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